Rules of Hockey

New Rules to be applied in 2015


The following three new rules are to be implemented at Association level for the 2015 hockey season (all BWHA full field competitions): 

1. The ability to take attacking free hits, awarded within 5 metres of the edge of the circle, from the point of the offence. The change states that the ball still has to travel at least 5 metres before it can be played into the circle, or alternatively has to be touched by another player of either team, other than the player taking the free hit; and

2. The second change concerns the re-start, after the ball has unintentionally been played over the back-line by a defender or deflected by a goalkeeper or player with goalkeeping privileges, and no goal is scored. Play will now be re-started with the ball on the 23 metres line and in line with where it crossed the back-line. Taking the re-start from the 23 metres line will open up the play and give more passing options.

3. Other rule changes to help improve player safety have also been made, including the rules governing the wearing of facemasks to defend penalty corners which have been amended to increase player safety. A wider range of masks, including metal grill masks, will now be allowed.


“Stick above the Shoulder” Rule:  As the FIH Rule ‘stick above the shoulder’ will only be adopted at National AHL, U21, U18 and State Super League, Open & U18 level, the rule will only be implemented on BWHA Division 1, 2 & 3 competitions.

The latest Rules of Hockey will incorporate the following Tournament Regulations which have been played at BWHA level for the past few years; these rules will continue to be played at all levels of BWHA full field competition:

1. Green Card – two minute suspension
FIH Note: The two minute green card will now provide an additional management aid to umpires at all levels.

2. Maximum length of Stick
FIH Note: The length of stick, as measured from the top of the stick to the bottom of the head, shall not be more than 105cm.

3. Breaking of a Penalty Corner
FIH Note: The breaking at penalty corners Regulation has effected a significant reduction in the number of breaks at Tournaments, by both attackers and defenders.

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