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Our Club offers hockey to Men, Women & Juniors. Please click through the Players tab for more information.

Covid-19 Return to hockey

Due to some restrictions having been lifted, training will recommence from tomorrow 9 June 2020.  


The following measures have been put in place to ensure that we are looking after the health and safety of our players. Please make sure that all players and parents/guardians familiarize themselves with the linked COVID safe plan.


Training schedule

Training has been split over across the week to ensure that all Valley teams are able to safely train at Shaw Park. The training roster is linked below. Please check our website and follow our Facebook page for any updates to training. Each team has been allocated one field, and there is a maximum of 20 people per zone.


We will review training times when we move into Stage 3. 

For parents, there will be zones dedicated for parents/ guardians. These zones will be limited to 20 people per zone. Where possible we ask that you drop off your child and either wait in your car or return at the end of training.  


Arrival to training – “Get in, Train, Get out”

Players must arrive no more than 5 minutes before their training start time, be ready to train, and make their way directly to the nominated field. A map of the field is linked below. The map will also be displayed at Shaw Park.


On arrival at their nominated field, every player and parent will be required to sign on with the coach or manager. 

There is 15 minutes in between training sessions. Therefore, as soon as the training session is finished, everyone must leave the fields without delay. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to stay for a chat or to mingle with other teams at this stage.

Personal Hygiene

Guidelines recommend that players shower at home before and after training, if possible. All coaches will have hand sanitizer available. There will be no sharing of sticks or other equipment, and players are not to touch anything other than their own sticks during stage 2. 

Season updates

BWHA and BHA are still finalising what the season will look like. 

However, we do have the following information:

-          The season will likely run from 11th July to 12th September (for Junior girls), 19th September (for Senior Women), 26th Sept (for Junior Boys), 20th October (for Men’s Masters) and 25th October (for Senior Men);

-          In most cases, games will be played on the same day and at the same time as per the normal season;

-          U7 and U9 girls will likely play their games at a club venue rather than at Racey Park;

-          We expect that the number of spectators per game will be limited; and

-          It is possible that the number of players per team may be limited (possibly to 14).


Remember, if you are sick, you must notify your coach/manager and not attend training or games.



The Board has approved a new fee structure for the truncated season. It is linked below. Invoices for fees will be issued in July. This will happen automatically, based on your original registration. Differences in fees between genders is because BHA are running a longer season than BWHA.


Design a Book Cover Competition

Book  Cover  Design flyer
Go to the link below for the Terms and Conditions of the competition.


Registration Checklist

Step 1:  Valley Hockey Club Registration 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already registered earlier in 2020 you DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN. Your invoice showing amended fees will automatically issue to you in due course. 

You should only register here if you have not already done so in 2020.

Click on green 'Register Now'


Enter your email address and password to login (If you are a new member, follow the prompts to create a login)


Follow prompts to fill in Player profile, Primary Contact and/or Emergency Contact details


Order uniforms if needed


Proceed to Invoice page where you can pay

Register Now


Step 2:  Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland registration

Hockey Queensland and Hockey Australia have introduced a new player database, which means everyone must register. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Navigate to:  https://www.revolutionise.com.au/valleyhockey/registration/

Step 2. Click on ‘Registration’

Step 3. Click on the ‘Register’ button  (all players will need to select register for the first time – the previous database has not carried over any information)

 Step 4. Enter your (the player’s) First Name and Last Name. Using the drop down arrows, select your date of birth.

            Using the drop down menu, choose your registration type. Note: if you choose a player type which does not correspond to your date of birth, the database will not let you continue until you have chosen the correct player type for your age.

            Then click on ‘Next Step’

Step 5. Enter your Address, Contact Information and Additional Information.

Step 6. The database automatically splits the Hockey Queensland and Hockey Australia components and displays them. Note: the sum of the components is greater than the registration fee shown on the first page as HQ and HA both add handling costs.

Enter the billing address (or click the ‘Use the address above’ box)

Step 7. Enter credit card details

Step 8. Read the Terms of Registration. Scroll down the Terms box to the bottom and click in the ‘I confirm that I have read the above Terms in their entirety’ box

Click the ‘I agree’ box and the ‘I am over 18’ box.

Step 9. Answer the ‘Prove you’re human’ question.

Step 10. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button

            The database will process the payment and will show a confirmation message.


Secondary Club Registration

If you are registering with Valley’s as your secondary club – there is a slightly different process.  You will firstly need to register with your primary club and pay your fees.  Then, you will follow the above link, and select RENEW (not register) … then you will follow the prompts and select secondary club as the registration option. 


If there are any issues with your registration or you have some questions about the above, please contact Selina on 0415553733  


Important Note to New Players

New players in Juniors and Masters must provide proof of age at training or before first game.

Players transferring from other Clubs must first ask for a release from their previous Club before registering.  

Congratulations to our 10 Premiership Winning Teams in 2019

                                    Men Division 4                           Boys JT3
                                    Men Division 6                           Boys U11/1
                                    Women Division 6                      Boys U11/2
                                    Women Masters 4                      Girls U13T2
                                    Women DP5 Grass                    Girls U13A Grass

2019  Premiers 1   2019  Premiers 2   2019  Premiers 3 2019  Premiers 6   2019  Premiers 4   2019  Premiers 5 2019  Premiers 8   2019  Premiers 9   2019  Premiers 10
                                                        2019  Premiers 7        

Some information about the Club........

Welcome to Valley Hockey Club. The Valley Hockey Club is situated around the northern inner city suburbs of Kalinga, Clayfield, Kedron and Wavell Heights in Brisbane, Australia.


Started in 1921, the club seeks to ensure all players, no matter what level of ability, are able to enjoy the sport of Hockey. The club caters for Masters (over 35 years old), Senior Turf, Senior Grass, Junior Turf (13 to 18 years), Junior Grass (7 to 17 years and under).


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